Women in Whisky: Addressing the Gender Imbalance

by Faye Shilston
Marketing Director, Whisky 1901

The world of whisky

has traditionally been male dominated.

But recent initiatives like the OurWhisky Foundation aim to change the narrative and support women in whisky around the world.

Albeit still relatively small, the proportion of women in the industry is growing steadily year on year. Be it buyers, consumers, distillers, blenders, auctioneers, event directors, brokers or advisors, the numbers are rising.

Changing demographic

Much like those working in the industry, those who consume and invest in whisky are still typically male. Figures suggest that only 36% of whisky drinkers are women.

But the tide is turning. The growth of ‘New World’ whisky has sparked global interest and a change in advertising bias by big-name whisky brands to target women, is seeing numbers of female whisky drinkers, workers and investors grow.

The recent announcement of an inaugural auction of whiskies taking place this month, celebrating female achievement is also a step in the right direction for the industry.

Our team

At Whisky 1901, we recognize the huge impact that women make in the industry. Having joined the senior team last month, I’m excited to be helping shape the future direction of the company and getting more women engaged in the sector.

I have a personal affiliation with Scotland, and whisky of course, and am motivated to encourage more female investors to experience and appreciate the joys of whisky and cask investment.

We are starting to see more and more interest from women in our whisky tasting events and whisky investment opportunities. The world of whisky is becoming more accessible and acceptable for women.

Growing appeal of whisky investment

As highlighted in our recent blog on premiumisation in the whisky industry, whisky has gained popularity as a collectible and investment asset in recent years.

The market for rare and aged whiskies has seen substantial growth, driven by increasing demand from collectors and investors worldwide.

Women too, are recognising the potential returns from investing in whisky casks and want to get in on the action.

Like any other investor, women seek to diversify their investment portfolios to mitigate risks and maximise returns. Whisky cask investment offers an alternative asset class that can provide diversification benefits beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and real estate.

And when it comes to investment performance, there are many studies out there which suggest that women are generally better investors than men. However, overconfidence and overactivity in trading can be to the detriment of all investors.

Whisky culture and appreciation

There has been a growing interest in whisky culture and appreciation among women in recent years.

The popularity of whisky cocktails has had a huge influence on this and is a natural gateway to larger whisky appreciation and experimentation with different brands and types of whisky.

This increased interest has also extended to the investment side of the whisky industry and growing attendance at whisky tasting events.

Investing in equality

Whisky investment is gender-neutral, meaning there are no inherent barriers for women to invest in this asset class. Unlike some other investment sectors that may be traditionally male-dominated, whisky investment is accessible to anyone with the financial means and interest.

Gone is the outdated perception that whisky investment is for gentlemen of a certain age. Today, Millennials and Gen Z make up an impressive 36.49% of total whisky cask buyers. Female buyers also represented 7.14%, up from 6.81% in 2021.


It’s an exciting time to be a woman in the whisky industry. Interest in the spirit for pleasure and investment has never been higher. At Whisky 1901 we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds!


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