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As a keen whisky enthusiast, I have enjoyed many a dram in many a situation. The variety of Scotch is astounding and left me wondering – can I uncover and share some of these hidden whisky gems that are waiting to be discovered in all four corners of Scotland?

Through Whisky 1901, I thankfully have access to an extensive network of distilleries. This has fuelled my passion for Scotch whisky and my drive to share them. From this idea The Collection was born. These carefully selected and diverse single casks show Scotch whisky at its very best, beginning with this wonderful, rare offering from Glenburgie.


Aaron Damiano Sparkes

Whisky 1901, Founder & CEO


At Whisky 1901, we pride ourselves on sourcing some of Scotland’s finest single malt whisky casks, including both well-known distilleries and hidden gems. Our goal is to supply the best to our investment customers.

The Collection was created to share these exceptional casks with a broader audience. For the inaugural release, we’ve hand-selected an exquisite cask from the Glenburgie distillery in Speyside.

Each single cask bottling is unique, reflecting the distillery, its environment, and the maturation process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The Collection aims to bring these exclusive experiences to whisky drinkers, with new additions as we discover worthy casks.

Edition One
Glenburgie 35-Years-Old

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Cask Details

Cask Number 14483
Cask Type | Ex-Bourbon
Distilled | 4th October 1988
Bottled | 17th May 2024
Number of Bottles | 263
Natural Strength | 45.1% ABV


Vibrant Gold


Aromas of vanilla and butterscotch lead the way and sit alongside luscious, juicy tropical fruit such as peach and pineapple. Underneath are further aromas of green apple, hazelnut praline and crème brulee. Hints of earthy spice, especially white pepper, and cinnamon bark, linger in the background alongside toasted oak, almond oil and faint aromas of candle wax and blackcurrant.


On the palate this whisky feels soft and oily in texture. The mouthfeel is superbly structured with plenty of body, depth, and complexity. Fruity notes are to the fore with peach compote, apricot jam, and baked green apple evident. Further sweetness is provided with notes of milk chocolate, vanilla fudge, and toffee. There are also hints of golden syrup, blackcurrant leaf and tarte tatin.

Savoury elements add balance in the form of delicate baking spices, especially cinnamon and clove, and fresh gingerbread. A pinch of cocoa powder accentuates further notes of charred oak and dusty cigar box.


The Collection - Edition One Awards


The finish is long and exhibits a lovely warmth. It is packed with woody spices – think of cinnamon bark, nutmeg, and all-spice alongside freshly sawn oak. The confected fruit and sweet elements slowly fade, allowing the spice to evolve and elongate the finish.

The addition of water softens the whisky and allows the lovely oak structure and quality of aged spirit to shine – think of vanilla ice cream covered in butterscotch sauce. It also feels less spicy with more green fruit and a delicious grassy characteristic coming through.

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