Whisky Cask Investment News: 5 Media to Follow

by Faye Shilston
Marketing Director, Whisky 1901

So, you’re a whisky enthusiast or bottle collector?

Maybe you’re thinking of whisky cask investment. Or perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge.

Whether your interest in Scotch is for business or pleasure, or even both, there are a handful of media outlets where you can get the latest and best whisky news.

Here’s our top 5 recommendations for publications to follow to stay up to date on this exciting industry.

1. The Herald

How could we start our list with anything other than the longest running national newspaper in the world… that also happens to be run from Glasgow? Founded in 1783, The Herald is the eighth oldest daily paper in the world. On 27th January 2023, the publication celebrated 240 years since the first edition of the newspaper hit the stands, with a message from editor Catherine Salmond.

Why should those interested in cask investment read The Herald? As group Business Editor Ian McConnell pointed out: “The Scotch whisky industry is “strategically important” to the nation”. So it’s not surprising that whisky features so prominently both online and in the print edition of the Scottish broadsheet newspaper. In fact, a quick online search reveals there are close to a staggering 17,000 articles that mention “whisky”. One such story was news of our plans to move 1000 casks to Fife.

With a print circulation of 13,000 and approaching half a million online readers, you can be confident you’re in good company when reading The Herald.

2. The Scotsman

 First published in 1817, The Scotsman is a daily (Monday to Saturday) Scottish national newspaper with a print circulation of 8,250 and an online reach of more than 1 million. Headquartered in Edinburgh, it covers everything from food and drink (online only) to the business of whisky. There’s even a fortnightly podcast: Scran championing the food and drink scene in Scotland.

Whether it’s whisky cocktail recipes or a guide to the best whisky bars in Scotland. How alcohol duty impacts the spirits business or information on cask investment, The Scotsman has it covered. Editor Rosemary Gallagher recently marked the 200-year anniversary of when the 1823 Excise Act was passed in her article: Whisky: from bootlegging beginnings to a multi-billion-pound industry. And business editor Scott Reid published news of our Scottish expansion plans.

3. Harpers Wine & Spirit

 A monthly magazine with a print circulation of 5,900, Harpers Wine & Spirit has been at the heart of the drinks sector since 1878. It continues to provide the latest news, trends, insights, analysis and industry-leading opinions today. So why are we recommending a trade title aimed at whisky consumers?

Whether you’re an operator or independent business, importer, supplier, retailer, or a whisky cask investor, Harpers covers the trends, issues and opportunities affecting the wines and spirits business. With a dedicated online section to whiskies, you’d do worse than to source your inside information from a media outlet that addresses some of most pertinent issues and topics affecting the sector. For example, you’ll find our founder and CEO’s thoughts on the Cask Whisky Association (CWA) here.

4. The Spirits Business

Founded in 2007, The Spirits Business is a dedicated international spirits magazine and website. It’s aimed at senior drinks buyers in the on- and off-trade, through to bartenders at the world’s hottest venues. Yes, it’s another trade title, but the publication covers a range of topics and issues. Its interviews, business news, brand updates and investigative articles appeal to whisky enthusiasts and investors alike.

The Spirits Business is the only international trade magazine and website solely dedicated to spirits, so there’s plenty on Scotch. The publication reaches more than 50,000 spirits professionals worldwide.

Its features and analysis cover a broad range of topics, covering the most important issues affecting the industry. Our founder and CEO recently reacted to the surprise extension to the alcohol duty freeze in the Spring budget.

5. Scottish Field

Established in 1903, Scottish Field is a monthly lifestyle magazine with a readership of 12,000. It covers country news, fashion, interiors, travel and property, as well as food and drink, which includes whisky of course. Whether it’s exploring some of Scotland’s latest whisky expressions or highlighting distilleries looking for taste tester for a new dram, this publication is a go-to for many Scotch enthusiasts.

Scottish Field is also behind the magazine: Cask and Still. Launched in 2015 and published bi-annually in May and November, this is a free publication available exclusively in independent drinks retailers and whisky bars. It includes news to keep readers up to date with everything happening across Scotland’s diverse drinks industry.


Whether you are well-versed in whisky cask investment or looking for more information on how to invest in whisky, these publications are a great resource to help you on your journey.


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